Odvut Da for you…

Before knowing you as a person, I saw your clicked photos. Perhaps your photography introduced you to me. Well I think I shouldn’t have to say anymore on the skills you possess in capturing and expressing your thoughts. I get a bit of inspiration from you as well.

You were a kind and nice senior. You were so nice that it is now a bit tough to forget you, well I don’t even want to.

I enjoyed the moments we made during our college techfest. From sticking photographs on the wall to participating in photography contest. And, thanks for giving me that unexpected award for securing third in photo-contest. It meant a lot.

Stay happy and lead a stable-noble life.

Hope this relationship prospers and kindly never lose contact.

One thought on “Odvut Da for you…

  1. Well, thanks for those kind words, have 2 things to share in this regard, 1- the way you introduce this last year dairy writing thought,is quite impressive and the other one is you won that award, i was just a mediator to give you the prize.
    Stay well, be in yourself, keep in touch.

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