Kushal Da for you…

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  1. Hey Mayukh it’s Kushal here,
    I know I’ve been miserably late to give a ‘Feedback-cum-Thank-you’ note for this lovely article specially and specifically for me. Along with apology, my eloquent excuse regarding my lethargic nature in keeping up with all the important stuffs in my life, would consist the generic notion of an overwhelmed conscience after going through this articulation of your thoughts comprising my existence in your tremendously benevolent being.
    I know that the words are jumbling up a bit to express my genuine gratitude that could have been simply done by some bare “Thank-You’s”, but my hardships of struggling through my vocabulary seems to be worthy of giving a best expressed reply to your write-up.
    Mayukh, genuinely speaking you’re special. Special not because you’ve immense potential to do anything you can wish for (only the legal ones of course) or you’ve been extremely nice to me through out tenure of our social and virtual relation in my college days.
    I think I found you special because you’ve an weird combination of genuine simplicity and a fearless way of thinking possibilities in the voyage named life. In the tedious quaternary year span of my engineering college life, I haven’t able seen that in anyone else. And trust me on this, that “anyone-else” in the previous line comprised of every single person I remember meeting in this tenure.
    Try to keep it safe underneath your visible identity. You’ll find it hard to do so, but trust me it’s worth of trying.
    I could write a nearly endless article of describing you, but as it is 4′ in the morning and I am literally deprived from any kind of mild marijuana high and mostly I like to keep things subtle, I would like to end this gigantic reply here.
    Best wishes are already on the way, and I am pretty much sure they’ve reached you if you’re reading this line.
    And lastly, if you ever feel the urge to talk to me, you know where to find me.
    Thank you for being you. This is Kushal Basu, signing off.

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