Don’t force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.

Have you ever cared about littering a garden or a park, whose limitless green beauty sets up a perfect atmosphere for you and your other half?

Have you ever cared about cutting down trees, demolishing parts of forests in order to give birth to skyscrapers and factories?

Have you ever cared about exploiting natural resources beyond the limits of safety? Continue reading Don’t force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.

Charles Darwin’s Birthday

charles darwin 208th birthday 2017 mayukhdatta thecoducer

12 February 1809, this day witnessed the birth of an eminent person named Charles Darwin. The author of the most important biological book ever written – “The Origin of Species”. He was a naturalist and geologist. His crucial contribution to science was the theory of evolution which he published in this book.

Happy Birthday, Darwin! 🙂

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose

“We are alive, We can breathe; We can also grow, reproduce and die”, said the Floras. And, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose conveyed this message to the entire world. He proved the existence of Life within them. This Great Bengali Scientist is one of the fathers of Radio Science and, also the father of Bengali Science Fiction.
Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Sir! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Google!


We share everything with Google! From how to reach Quest Mall, Kolkata to how to hack someone’s Facebook account and fetch his password. More than our parents or close friends, Google knows us in a more better sense. And also know your activities while you are in incognito mode!! 😛
Today is the world’s most intelligent search engine’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Google!! 🙂