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A day’s thought!

I wish to step into the sphere of mysteriously glowing tiny dots placed haphazardly and moving at a fixed pace on a clear night sky. I wish to take a hefty deep dive into a body which will annoy me with its buoyancy and flowing current. But, that’s fine! With all my anxious breathes out, I wish to have an evening spent casually roaming on the streets. I wish to get lost in the puzzles made of trees. And, I wish to have a cup of my drink.

Do you have enough time today to listen to my wishes, my little goals, my dreams and about what I wonder?

The days before yesterday even I myself had less time listening to my own wishes, goals, dreams and little things I love and care about. A mammoth amount of time was daily spent on learning what other people were doing, their life’s every seconds update. Giving and receiving likes and comments and very now and then checking latest notifications in social media gradually took the role of an almost full-time job in my life.

Feeling a bit frustrated, I resigned from that exhausting job. Yesterday, I left Facebook and WhatsApp. Yes! They helped me in keeping up to date with my friends, family and acquaintances.

But I question – “Should I feel insecure of losing my friends, contacts and latest updates of my social community in which I really exist, in a situation where I am not using the social gateway that they use?”.


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The Coducer

A geek, a curious learner, pro-procrastinator, wanderer. Love to meet new people and make new friends. Happy to have you here! Follow @thecoducer on Twitter, Instagram.

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