New Easter Egg from Google: How to play the Atari Breakout game on Google’s about us page?

Struggling through learning data structures this afternoon, I decided to take a break. I searched Google for “ted ed youtube channel” to watch few videos there. I was just about to migrate to YouTube, but instead I casually opened the Google’s about us webpage. Noticed that the page’s design has got revised, I scrolled and then I got to see this –

(A GIF screenshot from the page) This is a showcase of trending keywords or terms which people are searching on Google, the most.

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Playlist Now #Raghu_Dixit_Songs

A few days back, I heard a song – “No Man will ever love you, like I do” sung by Raghu Dixit. It was the first time I encountered this South-Indian singer, composer and songwriter.

Here, are few of my favorites from his collections. I’m recommending my music-lover blog followers/readers to take these fresh musics as input even for once.

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Thrust hard enough to resist…

Back from college to home, I was with my friends on the train. Suddenly, I heard my friend, Moupiya, screaming – “Mayukh, come here! Look a storm is getting cooked up”. I rushed to witness the scene when the enigmatic natural powers took their brushes and paints out to draw the first layout of a storm.

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Launch a Simple HTTP Web Server with Python in less than a minute


In this post we will learn how to launch the built-in-web server in Python.

What is a SimpleHTTPServer?

The SimpleHTTPServer module is an in-built web server in Python that provides standard GET and HEAD request handlers. The SimpleHTTPServer module has been merged into http.server in Python 3. Continue reading Launch a Simple HTTP Web Server with Python in less than a minute

Don’t force Nature to prove her phenomenal superiority.

Have you ever cared about littering a garden or a park, whose limitless green beauty sets up a perfect atmosphere for you and your other half?

Have you ever cared about cutting down trees, demolishing parts of forests in order to give birth to skyscrapers and factories?

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A day’s thought!

I wish to step into the sphere of mysteriously glowing tiny dots placed haphazardly and moving at a fixed pace on a clear night sky. I wish to take a hefty deep dive into a body which will annoy me with its buoyancy and flowing current. But, that’s fine! With all my anxious breathes out, I wish to have an evening spent casually roaming on the streets. I wish to get lost in the puzzles made of trees. And, I wish to have a cup of my drink.

Do you have enough time today to listen to my wishes, my little goals, my dreams and about what I wonder?

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Charles Darwin’s Birthday

charles darwin 208th birthday 2017 mayukhdatta thecoducer

12 February 1809, this day witnessed the birth of an eminent person named Charles Darwin. The author of the most important biological book ever written – “The Origin of Species”. He was a naturalist and geologist. His crucial contribution to science was the theory of evolution which he published in this book.

Happy Birthday, Darwin! 🙂